Left Of The Dial - Idly By - LP



When one is asked what they associate with the year 1996 in terms of punk rock, a common response should be Lifetime, Jawbreaker and Samiam. When asked what the term “punk rock” brings to mind in 2013, the answer should be Metro Detroit’s Left of the Dial.

Formed in the spring of 2011, Left of the Dial is comprised of four individuals who have become household names in Michigan’s independent music community. With a collective band resume that spans the genres of melodic punk, grinding hardcore, youth crew and rock n' roll, the members of Left of the Dial bring years of experience, blood, sweat, laughs and passion as seen in halls and DIY venues across the state of Michigan. With their self-released demo 7” in the Winter of 2011, the band showed us that pop-punk in 2012 is more about The Descendents and Lifetime than it is Blink 182 and Saves The Day. What sets Left of the Dial apart from the other bands currently playing this style is not instant catchiness, but rather memorable songs that offer more from the composition as a whole than an addictive hook to be forgotten about a week later.

Left of the Dials' debut LP is compiled of two EPs, one recorded in January 2012 at Bricktop Studios in Chicago, IL by Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos)and the other recorded Easter 2013 by Nick Diener of The Swellers. It takes their melodic, emotional punk foundation and hones it into four seamless compositions rife with sing-a-longs and hooks that will have even the most jaded of punks taping their toes and smiling.

Pressing Info:
100 - Yellow Vinyl (Exclusive Panic Mailorder Only)
400 - White Vinyl