Late Nite Wars - It's Okay Or Even Worse - 7"




Residing north of Boston, LATE NITE WARS exists as a group of kids longing for the days of fast, fun and aggressive pop-punk. Influenced by legendary bands like Lifetime, Piebald and The Get Up Kids, LATE NITE WARS are doing their best to recapture the feeling that they got from the bands they grew up on

The lyrics on their newest release "It's Okay Or Even Worse" stray from bitter-end anger to chin-up positivity, with topics such as the monotony of the daily routine, moving on from your hardships and the unbreakable bond of friendship.

Since their inception Late Nite Wars has worked tirelessly to do what they love to do, play honest music from the heart. "It's Okay Or Even Worse" is a great example of the hard work that goes into being LATE NITE WARS.

This is a limited one time pressing of It's Okay Or Even Worse available on 4 different colors of vinyl.

1st and only pressing:
100 - Black Vinyl
200 - White Vinyl
300 - Sunflower Yellow
300 - Blue/Green Marble

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